Information Technology
... the way you need it ...

TECHNETPR SYSTEMS technology expertise includes extensive knowledge of third-party hardware, network and software applications. We provide services for all aspects of IT management, installation, and support for your whole IT environment. Our expertise extends to Telecommunications and Business Security Surveillance. We use technology to operate processes more efficiently and to replace or redesign processes so as to enhance productivity. 


Technology Expertise on:


  • Router and Switch Connectivity
  • Network Monitoring Devices and Applications
  • Firewalls and Security Devices
  • Server Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Storage, NAS and SAN
  • Web Servers and Applications
  • Printing & Scanning
  • Workstation Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Thin Client Hardware & Operating Systems
  • Backup Applications and Devices
  • Database Applications
  • Business Security Surveillance, Hardware and Software.
  • Telecommunications Hardware and Software.
  • PDA’s, Blackberry’s, Smart phones
  • Client/Server Applications


We provide services for many of the industry leading  server, network, and communication technology products.